Improve Your Business And Cut Your Costs - Advantages Of Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment

5 May 2015
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Whether you're looking to start an exciting new restaurant or inject some life into a business that's already well established, ordering new equipment can be a great way to achieve that goal. However, purchasing brand new equipment direct from the manufacturer can be a cost-prohibitive and risky proposition, so it's important that you look for alternative solutions.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of purchasing used restaurant equipment. While some people may be skeptical, used equipment has long been the backbone of many successful restaurants, and staying informed will allow you to dive in to that market and embrace the success that awaits you there.

Guaranteed Knowledge Of Quirks

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant kitchen knows that no two pieces of equipment are the same. With every new item there comes a steep learning curve, and that curve can feel even steeper if you're wasting product and increasing your food cost trying to fine tune the performance of your kitchen equipment.

When purchasing used equipment, you'll often be able to directly negotiate with the previous owner. As such, you can ask them about the way the equipment operates and any potential quirks or oddities involved in it. This will allow you to anticipate these issues and be prepared to adapt to them right out of the gate, shortening the time it takes to adjust.

Maintaining A Previous Warranty

The warranty on your kitchen equipment will provide to be extremely valuable if it ever suffers a breakdown. Many people are hesitant to purchase used equipment because they rely on this protection and may erroneously believe it won't apply unless they buy brand new.

The overwhelming majority of manufacturers' warranties are fully transferrable in a sale. This will provide you with the comfort of knowing you aren't forced into sacrificing any of your protections merely for looking for a cost effective way to inject some life into your business.

Lower Costs

The bottom line of the restaurant business is that all but the most successful restaurants operate on razor thin margins. Staying afloat and maximizing your profits can be a difficult challenge under the best of circumstances, and being forced to replace a piece of equipment is rarely a happy event. Purchasing used equipment can allow you to make significant cost savings and also avoid adding an obligation to your credit, allowing you to keep the business running without mortgaging more of your financial future.

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