Heaven In A Bowl: Refreshing Ice Cream Toppings You Never Even Considered

6 July 2015
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Summer is here and there's nothing better than relaxing in the shade with a cold bowl of delicious ice cream! As the summer wears on and your daily bowl of ice cream starts to feel like old hat, these refreshing and interesting toppings can help you revitalize your relationship with your ice cream, making every new bowl seem like an adventure. 

Balsamic Vinegar

The trick here is to use the best quality balsamic vinegar possible and to pair it with a simple vanilla or french vanilla ice cream. Fruity balsamic vinegars, made from berries and sold in gourmet cooking stores, are best. To serve, drizzle balsamic vinegar over a generous scoop of ice cream and serve immediately. When serving guests, capitalize on the "wow" factor by drizzling the vinegar over the ice cream directly in front of them. They'll never see it coming. 

Honey and Sea Salt

Sea salt and sugar are perfect companions because they balance one another out. It seems like they make every bite bigger and better, no matter where they're found. To use this perfect combination on ice cream, drizzle honey over soft (slightly melted) ice cream, then sprinkle it with sea salt, stir and refreeze. Serve the ice cream with a vanilla wafer cookie. 


The microbrew trend has everyone looking for new and creative ways to serve, drink and enjoy beer. Now you can enjoy your favorite craft stout with a scoop of ice cream in a float form. Just put ice cream in a glass beer stein, top with a chocolate stout, stir gently and serve. 


Called an affogato, this dessert is a combination of hot espresso mixed with cold, cold ice cream. Use a melon baller to serve small scoops of vanilla ice cream into small serving bowls, then put the bowls in the freezer. When the bowls are very cold, pull them out and pour hot espresso over the ice cream and serve immediately. 


When planning for these recipes, remember that hand-made ice creams are best. Inquire with local ice cream delivery services for the freshest ice creams possible. Store-bought ice creams tend to be hard and lack creaminess. Also, presentation makes a big difference. Get creative. Use colorful bowls, tea cups or even margarita glasses for serving. Golden spoons can add a simple touch of flare that makes the occasion feel special and memorable. Following these tips, you can enjoy your ice cream every day of the summer. Contact a company like Mr Dairy And Food Distributing Ltd for more information.